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About Helping Hand Foundation - NGO

Anil Rajaram Kamble

Founder and President

Helping Hand Foundation - NGO has registered and started serving towards the development and welfare for the education of poor childern, Woman Enpowerment, and Save Environment Movement. We started our operation in the year 2017 as a Non Governmental Organisation for No-Profit.

Under the guidance of the our NGO's Founder and Preseident Mr. Anil Rajaram Kamble.

We help corporates and individuals who have a noble purpose of contributing to the improvement of the society, but were not aware as to how to make proper descion to help and make their resources for the betterment of the society.

The Helping Hand Foundation - NGO is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide

  • - Children from low-income communities with a high-quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives.
  • - Creating social awareness in people and provide a platform to contribute towards woman empowerment causes as per their capabilities.
  • - Aiming towards the betterment of the environment our programs focuses on greener future, sanitation, waste management and cleanliness.

Our Motto

" एक हात मदतीचा "
Helping Hand Foundation - NGO is for people who want to Achieve the Best and Share with the Rest.
All our activities are ‘EC Initiatives’ – Empowerment & Compassion Initiatives.
At Helping Hand Foundation - NGO, Individual Empowerment forms the basis of all social work – an empowered individual with compassion to his fellow beings is a true change agent.


The visual of a person with his arm with another’s arm, represents the cause we stand for - " एक हात मदतीचा "

Our Inspiration

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar - Father of Indian Constitution


To channelise the energy and resources of empowered and contented individuals to support people in need and initiate positive social change.

To advocate and campaign for a value and attitude shift towards harmonious living among different sections of the society.

Our Core Team Members

Mr.Anil Rajaram Kamble


Mrs. Reshma S. Kamble

Main Core Team Secretary

Mr. Naeem Ahmad Abbasi

Main Core Team joint Secretary

Mr.Sunil Rajaram Kamble

Main Core Team Treasurer

Mr. Vijay Maruti Saple

Main Core Team Member

Roshan Jadhav

Main Core Team Member

Apurva Jadhav

Main Core Team Member

Rushikesh Sawant

Main Core Team Member

Subodh Kale

Main Core Team Member

Anil Rajivale

Main Core Team Member

Sachin R. Kamble

Main Core Team Member

Rupesh Adolikar

President Kolhapur Dist.

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